01/   Just-in-time delivery! 

With experienced kanban and process management, we maintain an effective inventory system.


02/   High-quality products 

Monitoring production parameters continuously helps us improve our production standardization. 


A robust maintenance program with an early defect detection program, enables highly effective quality.


03/   Competitive prices 

High number production with low lost is our main strategy.


Our engineers are focusing on lower our production cost with process redesign and new investment. 

Form Plastik processes many engineering materials by injection molding, which include ABS, HIPS, 

GPPS, PC, PP,  POM, SAN, PBT, PVC, Elastomers. Painting, printing, and assembly works are carried out to meet all the needs of its customers. Form Plastik has wide experience in manufacturing control panels, tabletops, and portholes for washing machines and dishwashers.